Preeminent Dudhwala

Preeminent Dudhwala

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Preeminent Dudhwala is part of the Preeminent family, Highly adaptable and rich with features, Preeminent Dudhwala enables companies to manage their Milk collection, including Tracking, Quality, samples, Billing, Product sales, Emi Deduction, and more.

Benefits of Preeminent Dudhwala

Auto Data Pull & Push

Auto Data Pull & Push to analyzer with the help of FTP Server.

All Billing Activity

Helps in Billing of Prorata, Local Sale and more.

Analysis Reports of Collection

Multiple Reports like CDA helps you in analyzing collection Pattern and Payment Sheet will help you to analyzing Per Ltr. Cost.

Auto deduction for Product and others

Cattle Feed and Other Deduction along with Addition for Other will help you to get Final Payment Register

Helps in Hardware Stock Tracking

Hardware Tracking Module help you to get the current situation of your Stock & Stockes issued to VLC/VSP and Machines send to Maintenance as well.

Integration with MS Dynamics ERP and other third parties.

Integration with other software allow us to upload the payment and other master’s in accounting software on a single click.